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Wild Encounters, one of the best, award winning wildlife companies. Perfect for Animal-man Birthday Parties, Schools, Fairs and Fetes, Universities, Zoos & Themeparks, Tv, Film and Theatre.

 Our aim is to engage and inspire people from all walks of life via interactive displays and brilliant live shows. 
Education is a huge part of animal conservation and we want to share once in a life time experiences by getting our audiences up close and personal with some of the most incredible animals in the world.
Wild Encounters can tailor to any event of any size from a living room Animal Man party, to a full scale arena show. We can provide animals for TV work and theatre, on-site appearances, and so much more.
We have a brilliant team of experienced and knowledgeable educators and a fantastic array of animals from all over the world for you to meet. We are based in the midlands and mainly cover Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Telford, Shrewsbury (Shropshire) (Staffordshire) Wales but will travel anywhere in the UK!

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Home of the UK's ONLY hand raised Palawan Binturong!!!

Meet Baloo the Binturong! He is a baby Palawan Binterong, one of of less than 10 individuals in the whole of the UK and due to necessary human raising he is the ONLY hand raised Palawan Binturong in all of the UK. This means Wild Encounters is the only place in the UK where you can meet and get up close and personal with one of these amazing Palawans. This makes us unique to any other wildlife education company or other Zoo or zoological collection here in Great Britain. He was born with our friends at a fantastic private facility for rare and endangered species who do great work and are very successful with rare species. The only other place in the UK to see the Palawan is the Rare species conservation centre which is well worth a visit on one of their open days! Baloo will stay with Wild Encounters as part of our wildlife education demonstration and will act as a rare ambassador for his species and help us spread the message about the plight of these animals who's numbers have dropped 30% in the last 30 years, they are currently red listed as vulnerable and endangered in some parts of their rainge. He can also help us teach people about the plight of the South East Asian habitats where these animals are found. They are very unusual animals otherwise known as the Asian bear-cat and actually have a natural scent of a fresh batch of popcorn! In the future when he is mature, a female will join him and we will have our own family of Palawan Binturong, he is exceptionally important to the conservation of his species and the Palawan gene pool. We have joined the European breeding programme run by the RSCC (Rare species conservation centre) and will work with them for this species and others in the future. (Photograph below  Here's Zac and Baloo the Palawan Binturong. Photograph by the Express and star news paper. © Express&Star Newspaper

We can provide static displays, full scale shows, wandering wildlife, anything to suit your event or facility. We currently entertain and educate thousands of people each year up and down the UK. 
But we could be bringing the ZOO to YOU!

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